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Why do it alone?

Why do it alone?

If you want to start a business in the field of human resources, why do it alone?

Open Source Management, with over twenty years of successful experience in the field of company consulting and training, has decided to make all of its “Know How” available to other professionals or entrepreneurs who want to start an HR consultancy in a specific area.

We have identified some geographic areas nationally and internationally in which we will make it possible for professionals or entrepreneurs to have an exclusive start-up with the I-Profile franchise.
I-Profile is an opportunity offered by OSM group for those who wish to develop a business plan aimed at creating a solid business for advice and training.
Some of our leading consulting services are:

  • Attitudinal test and analysis (our Human Talent Analysis is the most used Italian analysis in the world);
  • Courses and seminars on leadership and people management;
  • Individual coaching for managers and employees;
  • Training courses for sales, marketing, sales management, financial analysis, selection interview, public speaking, communication;
  • Personalized consulting interventions.

All of the above services have been developed and tested over the years by our team of research and development, and each franchisee will be trained so that they too are able to deliver these same services successfully.
We put our franchisees in a position to be able to work independently and make their business productive after only a few months of training.

The goal of the training and is to quickly make our franchisees autonomous in their delivery of services.

Each franchisee upon enrollment will have at their disposal a total of 32 training days for two people during the first year of operation, and a total of 30 days of training for two people during the second year of operation.

Our technical and marketing staff is always available to help with sales and customer management.
Two kinds of people are suitable for the I-PROFILE activity:

  1. An entrepreneur who is looking for an alternative investment, but only intends to devote him or herself to the I-Profile branch as a secondary activity.
  2. A professional figure or individual who is passionate about human resources, training or coaching who intends to directly develop their profession.


  1. Exclusive use of the I-PROFILE trademark in the territory assigned, provided that the minimum production quotas are met.
  2. A total of 32 days of training for two people during the first year of operation;
  3. A total of 30 days of training for two people during the second year of operation. From the third year on, the training will require an investment fee per day per person;
  4. Materials for business promotion: 30 copies of “Small and Medium Enterprises that Beat the Crisis”, 30 of “The New Capital”, 10 of “Ethics of Excellence”, 10 of “The New Leaders”, 10 of “Ten Rules of Success”;
  5. Monthly participation in our meeting at the end of the month;
  6. Participation in our contests (from the third year on, each franchise will have to pay a fee per month for incentives and games for the consultants network);
  7. Delivery of contacts or requests for information that may be received by the head quarters in the franchises territory;
  8. Access to our I-PROFILE Facebook group;
  9. Assistance and support in the management of the activity;

Note: The I-Profile franchisee will be able to develop customers of any industry sector except for dentists and/or orthodontic clinics, as another part of the company deals with these areas.
In the event that the franchisee wishes to develop these customers, they will have to perform an integration in agreement with the franchise.
The I-PROFILE franchise will buy HTA tests from head quarters and resell them to their own customers.

On all the other services that the franchisee sells (consulting, training days, courses) there will be a corresponding monthly royalty payment to head quarters on all receipts.

(For a complete price list, please contact us through the address provided at the bottom of the page.)
In addition to the duties listed in the contract, the franchisee agrees to:

  1. Each quarter to send a hardcopy informative letter provided by the central office to the database of its customers.
  2. Ensure that at least the director of the franchisee participates every month in the two-day training organized by head quarters and the end-of-month meeting. (OSM TRAINING ACADEMY)

For a BUSINESS START-UP PLAN and more information about ECONOMIC RETURNS FOR INVESTORS, please fill out the form at http://www.paoloruggeri.net/pagine.asp?idp=97 or write to info@paoloruggeri.net