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The 5 tips to motivate your team in the right way

The 5 tips to motivate your team in the right way

The labor market continues to be more and more competitive and flexible. The motivation of its employees has become a strategic key for the enterprise. This can make a real difference allowing you to reach or miss their targets.
People today can determine the success or the failure of any organization and can also be a significant source of competitive advantage.

  1. Always tell the truth

Every respected leader, has as a principle to be honest with its employees. This is because, in any case, every time that you try to hide something the environment suffers. Everyone begins to be doubtful about you. So when you have some negative information it’s always good to report them, perhaps even joking until the positivity leaks out from the negativity of the information. So in short, the leader, who has the confidence of its employees, definitely has the winning weapon on its side.
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  1. Always give feedback (but also receive it)
    The feedback is a process by which you get back information concerning an action.
    Humans crave to get feedback on their actions. It is an innate characteristic of the humankind. The total absence of feedback leads to apathy. It has been shown that children who are constantly ignored, they stop feeding on.
    Some people think that this principle applies only to children, but in reality it’s even more true for adults.
    Your staff isn’t different. If you block the feedback, their minds will elaborate a personal one, often based on their worst anxieties, fears and distresses; and so they’ll begin to fantasize “He didn’t tell me anything because he’s angry with me.” or worse “He doesn’t say nothing because we are in crisis, he must be already thinking about how fire us.
    It also has to be considered that humankind craves real feedback based on concrete data, not mere and reassuring comments like ‘’Don’t worry you’re good, everything you do is always good.”
    Good results require a continuous feedback, and if you claim the best from the employees, you must necessarily be updated on the numbers and on their meanings.


  1. Being of example
    Have you been to the library in the last ten years? Have you noticed how many books there are written by so-called “True gurus”? Marketing guru, the guru of personal development, the guru of web marketing, neuromarketing, the self brand, finance etc.
    People are always looking for examples to follow, someone who has already done that thing and has done it well by winning. Nothing is more motivating than to reach a concrete example of success. If I see a person more or less like me that attained success by working, I convince myself that I can have it too.
    Be more proud of your work. Show them how it’s done. Do you want them to have a good appearance and to dress in a professional way? Do it first. Do you want them to arrive on time? You must always come early (explain the reason and make it clear what it means on-time for you, not for them).
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  1. The importance of language
    Words mean things; words form thoughts and create things. Words communicate scenarios, energy, emotions, possibilities and fears.
    A debt that results from an investment that’s not immediately giving the desired results can be communicated in two ways: “we are ruined, we are full of debts, there is no money” or “grit your teeth to be truly stronger and achieve what we had set. ” Leadership is based on personal and inner will. It means living a life focused on the clarity of the purpose. The victimhood is not based on the will, but on the perception itself as victims of circumstances and others’ opinions. The victim is always obsessed with what other people think.
    Being obsessed all day long by others’ opinions is the fastest way to lose enthusiasm to live. It’s the fastest way to lose vital energy that allows you to do everything you are proud of.
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  1. Never stop learning

    We know that changes are frightening to anyone. It could also fall on your employees.
    The only way to fight this fear is to stay constantly make sure to learn every day something new about our profession. It’s important to never take for granted the things in order to fight the uncertainty that springs fear. One step at a time we can develop more and more our knowledge, increasing our professional competence and our ability to help others.
    Happiness is growing, we are happy when we grow up. And happy people motivates better than unhappy people.
    The main concept that emerges from this brief guide is that to give motivation to its employees, it’s necessary to create a cooperation trusting each another and paying attention to the growth of each member, implementing a proper communication to all the working environment.