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The 5 rules that are absolutely necessary in restaurant management

The 5 rules that are absolutely necessary in restaurant management

How many times do you find yourself thinking “Managing a company is so complicated”?
Confronting every single aspect necessary to nurture our business concept.
Every company, of course, has different rules to follow.
In this case, to celebrate the publication of our latest book “Restaurant Marketing” by Gianluca Vianello, powered by OSM and Engage Editore, we’ve decided to take a closer look at the 5 rules that are absolutely necessary in restaurant management:

1) The customer is always right!

Remember that when you mistreat a customer, you will not lose just that single person, but many other potential customers. Remember that any judgment, positive or negative, on major media channels such as Trip Advisor, can make all the difference.

2) Motivation and selection of your team

Finding the right people for your team can be difficult, but it’s the winning key for your business. The people at your side are what determine if your company will make a bigger or smaller profit. Thus, it’s important to check up on their motivation and capacity for working efficiently and productively.
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3) Monitor your cash flow

This is the amount of money that comes into the company, as compared to the amount of money that leaves the company daily, weekly and monthly.
It’s important to do a constant monitoring of results in order to quickly identify and manage possible difficulties before it’s too late.
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4) Always update your type of promotion

Adapting to the lifestyle of the current generation is crucial.
Therefore it’s important to study the target audience and develop your promotions based on them.
Have you noticed that many clients in your area tend to be young people? Maybe it’s time for you to start up a Happy Hour promotion with some live music!

5) Restaurants need marketing

These days, any business has to have a strong online presence. Many entrepreneurs don’t use (or don’t properly use) the latest communication channels. Facebook, Trip Advisor, Instagram, etc.
Can you imagine how much more competitive your business would be if this was professionally managed?