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Sport Management? “We won!”

Sport Management? “We won!”

Being a winner is in fact a scarce commodity. It takes time, it takes energy, persistence, discipline, knowledge. All those vital ingredients we need in order to progress sustainable. There are not many real leaders in society, there are no effective schools to make individuals become winners and this means that people are constantly seeking deliberate experiences of being winner. But how do we progress on that topic. How do we find the right answers. And who needs those answers? Let’s see.

Let’s think of the words a sports fan uses. If his team wins, he says “We won!”. If his team loses, he says, “The TEAM lost” or may be “We lost”. In other words he includes himself in their victory and excludes himself from their defeat or as in the other case passionately brings him in the loss the team had.

Some parents try to savor the feeling of being winners through their children. They want their children to achieve the success that they themselves haven’t achieved. So they harass them with tennis, gymnastics, football, school, etc. Their children have to be perfect. In many cases we can see children being unhappy of similar situations. And let’t think. Did actually the parents did those activities them self and whose dream are their children following?

If we look at the sport teams for example we may sometimes see amazingly progressive ones or others that are not so well performing. Often in football we have the cases of coaches and managers being paid billions  but actually not bringing in the results wanted by the fans and the owners. This of course is a whole new chapter to explore but the resemblance between the three:

– how do we manage a business and team

– how do we coach our sports team

– how do we rise our children

actually have a lot in common. We have explored all those scenarios, their roots and consequences and most importunately how we can effectively deal with them in a way that bring sustainable growth in our business activities. “The New Leaders”,our International Best Seller translated in 7 languages offers really interesting case studies, explored in depth that will help you learn some efficient tips on how to effectively manage similar situations. Let the better one win the game!