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Paolo Ruggeri

Serial entrepreneura and CEO of OSM International Group, author of OS novos Lideres, a Leadership Manual for the Managers of the New Millenium, over 100.000 copies sold worldwide,


Joao Duarte

Director Osm Portugal Lda


In this 2,5 hour seminar you’ll learn

  1. What are the most important trends that small and mid size european companies that make record profits follow today.
  2. How to generate value in a business world that is pushing us and our companies to give more and more for less and less
  3. Why people
  4. How to motivate people and make them productive
  5. The keys to effective delegation
  6. How to recognize toxic people: the employees and manager that can destroy your organization
  7. How to attract in your company highly motivated and productive people
  8. How to apply all the above activities in the Portoguese Market

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