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OSM Europe is assisting SMEs around the continent to grow and advance their business operations. Another major activity we are supporting is to expand business operations in new countries. This is part of our Internationalization services as well as Strategic Growth services.

Throughout the extensive network of business consultants, the local know-how we have developed, the business connections established and the vast experience in starting and running various businesses we will be helping you establish operations, expand your current business activities and conquer new markets.

There are markets waiting for your service or product to be delivered. And you never know what the response will be until you do a research, analyze the opportunities and take actions to expand your business.

Global is the new local in Business!



 OSM Europe will provide you with EXCLUSIVE opportunities to benefit from our services portfolio in a very dynamic and flexible way. We will prepare a special tailor-made proposal that is perfectly fitting you business needs. Let’s do business in Europe!

We have been in the management consulting business for over 25 years now. We have worked with various businesses and have always managed to improve performance results and operations methods. With our sophisticated portfolio of business analyses tools and mechanism we are able to detect the strong and weak aspects of companies and organizations. Once we agree on a common goal we start intensive work with constant monitoring in order to deliver on the set up targets. We can interfere and improve the business activities of different departments. Once the goals are reached we provide our clients with long-term, sustainable solutions while at the same time always stay available for additional advice or assistance. Our work means once’s business success!