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Mind Business School powered by OSM International Group is a professional business academy that provides regular courses with highly-effective and vital know-how on various topics to entrepreneurs, directors, managers, team leaders and business professionals. The courses portfolio consists of all fundamental topics that drive the business world nowadays. The duration, admission and the syllabus of the courses vary depending on the aspects of the topics covered. Courses are held in various languages depending on participants needs. You can review more details below.


Entrepreneurs and Business Professionals Graduated

Business Industries Represented

Courses Duration

There is no a specific duration of trainings. It can vary between a day or five. Mind Business School stands as a true academy for entrepreneurs which constantly exchange ideas, knowledge and business solutions even after the end of our trainings.

Admission Criteria

In order to be eligible to participate in a course individuals must demonstrate that they have acquired the fundamental know-how and skills on the topic of their course. To have proven business background long term goals – the basics of each manager’s success.


Over the years, driven by the desire to achieve excellence in the management of our participants’ businesses we have trained more than 4500 individuals of different business backgrounds and countries. The results that can be seen upon completion of the courses – a motivated, skilled and confident manager or director, who knows and properly use the fundamentals of the business management mechanisms and most importantly – feels no longer alone in his difficult and responsible tasks to drive its company to better results.

Available Courses

A course that helps the participant to enhance the communication skills through the study of the fundamentals of communication and other sophisticated practical exercises. Those who participate overcome their difficulties and learn to communicate effectively, understand, deal with and motivate others by reaching the needed agreements of various aspects.

The training provides entrepreneurs with the knowledge and understanding of the essential ingredients needed to run a successful company. Main focus is put on ability to generate sales and earnings in a sustainable way. Leadership, team management, marketing management, risk management, financial management and project planning skills are just some of the aspects that the participants will master.

This is a course that reveals successful strategies and methodologies that a business owner can set up in order to manage the finances of a company. We will analyse various examples and will go through certain case studies. The course contents have one goal: to give the participants to tools which will enable them to increase the profits and strengthen the financial indicators of a certain company.

This course focuses on the complete and clear understanding of the role of the director of sales in a company, its main portfolio details the main activities. The course highlights the successful actions and the main strategic tools that needs to be used in order the company to increase sales through training and effective management of sales agents and managers. Long-terms sales goals, customer values and market mapping are some of the topics covered.

This training is designed for entrepreneurs and managers. It enable them to deepen their knowledge and understanding of the models and a successful organization structure should implement according to its needs, goals and output. Precise strategic planning and risk management are some of the courses main topics.

This course’s main focus is on practical exercises and work on case studies from the real business world. The contents explore one of the vital aspects of communication’s aspects: the ability to ask for the right information and, above all, to obtain the information you need. That may seem easy at first sight but in reality you will recognize many difficulties which senior managers have with that topic. Those who participate in the course can increase their leadership potential and the ability to obtain techniques which make their strategies to be properly executed.

The course explores in details the strategic steps which form up the vital elements of a delegation process and the allocation of tasks in organizations. The goal is that participants can easily create an yield on the team’s goals and performances. Those who attend the course learn to successfully transfer the right projects to the right individuals. Some significant time is spent on Stress management techniques so that the participants can focus on the the important and efficient professional and personal matters.

This course introduces the participants to a key business aspects. It is designed for anyone who wants to build a sustainable business to double its current operations volumes. The case studies used and exercises made explore the characteristics of leaders and successful managers. A portfolio of certain OSM methodologies are used during the training.

This course reveals the essential aspects and tools of an effective public speaking techniques. It will teach the participants how to manage and excite an audience, preparing presentations with strong and efficient impact. Those who participate in the course will exceed their expectations on the progress of overcoming some fears they might have from speaking in public. All that is vital to the daily work of entrepreneurs and managers at various levels.

This course teaches the participants on the fundamentals of the sales processes. Alongside the theoretical insights the course includes a selected number of practical exercises and simulations through which the participant is required to practice what they studied. A personal approached is used so we can make sure that the exercises are completed successfully and with the right mechanisms. Once you complete the course you will become a capable and effective sales agent that can get results above the average performance of a for the industry you work in.

This course contents explain in details the complete overview of the management strategies, of a companies, organizations, teams and institutions. There is a certain portfolio of selected skills an effective director possess and further develop with its experience. This is a sophisticated program for those who wish to start mastering the top skills a director or senior manager possess.

The program of the course allows entrepreneurs, HR managers and team leaders to investigate and learn the most effective methodologies for managing a top-to-bottom recruitment procedures, interviews with candidates, selection processes, coaching, personal development and other important aspects of the talent management. After completing the course the participant will know how effectively to manage their selection procedures and identify valuable people that really make a difference to their company.

This is a course that teaches you to identify activities of your daily work which tent to be not efficient and meaningful to your business. The actions that distract the entrepreneurs and managers away from the main objectives: to make profits and keep clients portfolio satisfied. At the end of the course the participants know how to understand and to manage ethical matters hidden in daily life in a far more effective way, getting a stable improvement on both his corporate and individual circumstances.

The course enables the participants to learn the methodologies which tend to be more practical and profitable. Methodologies and business tools which lead to increase of the number of its satisfied customers, market share, revenues, clients portfolio and marketing innovations methods. Those who participate in the course will improve their knowledge on the full spectrum of an efficient marketing management strategies.

The course gives the participants a sophisticated description of techniques and methods that enlighten the entrepreneur on the various activities that lead to strategic decision making. Analysis, risk management, bog data, critical thinking. Upon completion of the training the participants is able to invest his/her time into management of the activities that will really grow the business. Both on short and long term.

The training is a very important part of our courses portfolio. It teaches the participants on the most effective ways of understanding and management of the “top-difficult” business cases, no matter if they are related to issues with projects, employees, customers, business partners or suppliers. After completing the course, the participants is perfectly able to identify and address the correlations that causes of stress, worry and ineffectiveness. Once those can be detected they can be effectively controlled.

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