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High-pressure situation. Management.

High-pressure situation. Management.

Management of high-pressure situation. Sounds so familiar to all of us. And indeed, it is not only related to keep calm and count to 10. It will all be good. Depends how you define “good”.

Every one of us at certain moments in our life, has attained or achieved, even at a certain moment, some results that can be defined as spectacular. But inevitably we have also passed through some very thought moments as well. But if it is so simple as it is said all over the business literature, why then we don’t always or in the majority of the ceases express that kind of great potential. Do we sometimes tend to give up on our determination and what are the reasons behind that?

Unfortunately there are some individuals in the society – who are psychologically defeated and may themselves have been oppressed by a demotivating person or simply weighed down by their own failures – and as you can conclude they tend to see their friends, partners and situations as souses of threats or as problem.

Human potential is something extraordinary. It co take you tremendously high or down. And it is the same in high pressure situations. All of them in most of the cases are caused by our actions or by the actions of a very close individual. Confused how to act we most often take emotional decisions that later on prove to be not the most effective ones.

It is really important how we select the people we communicate with professionally and how we manage our relationships with them. As it is the case that in the majority of the situations that we stamp as High-Pressure” ones we have simply entered in a loop, that we need to make efforts to get out of, which loop could have been avoided by us if we knew how to react to it.

Lets compare those “High-pressure” situations to the act of landing of a plane. What does actually the plane and the pilot use to lead and guide the plane it follows the commands given. Contrary winds and respond to contrary winds. How do you manage those situations in your business? You may be willing to read our International Best Seller translated in 7 languages “The New Leaders” where we have investigated the case studies in depth and have produced some efficient tips how to effectively manage similar situations. Long or short-term ones.