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Friends or Best Friends in Business?

Friends or Best Friends in Business?

“We are only interested in other when they are interested in us.” – Publilius Syrus

We have been discussing recently that in order to become a good salesman, one have to go really focus on another successful salesman to understand what distinguishes him/her from their individuals. One of the most important aspects about these sales super starts is that they were all interested. Interested in what you would ask.

We have done a massive research and have vast experience in sales. We have seen mediocre salesmen on the other hand we have realized that every one of them was trying to be interesting. To boost their ego, to tell us about all his success, to be the center of attention and to be congratulated by everyone for his work.

Let’s observe the vice-versa approach. You being interested in someone. But not faking it – that is worse than being mediocre, indeed. Be interested, curios, passionate about someones life, concerns, dreams and worries. That is what really matters and build the long term relationship you are looking for. This is not easy to be developed. It is called trust. But there are salespeople who are real masters at creating that feeling. It is very important how we manage the trust, once we have gained it. Being easy-going about it and having it for granted, even if we have had mutually beneficial situations is not a fact we want to observe. That is a predecessor of a failing relationship which on its side equals less benefits for either of the parties. Meaning less $$$, less value generated, less opportunities to be explored.

So here is the essence where you are in control of whether we will become friends or best friends in business. We have to know and remember that we are the reason, not the consequences of the facts happening around us. So the the reason is simple. Be interested in others. Help them grow, help them prosper, help them create value. That will inevitably come back to you like a boomerang! If you still have gut feelings about the written above it means you are the effect not the reason. In that case you may be willing to read our International Best Seller translated in 7 languages “The New Leaders“. We have extensively explained how to identify, manage and control such relationships in a way that will guarantee you a sustainable business growth and constant talent flow.